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Orlando Eminent Domain Attorney

The authority of certain government entities to take land for development purposes and public benefit is a longstanding, essential aspect of United States law. On a local level, however, condemnation actions can create significant controversy and eminent domain litigation sometimes becomes drawn-out and costly. Whether you work on the side of the condemning authority or are focused on protecting your own property rights, representation by a lawyer with extensive, relevant experience may be essential.

I am Mary Doty Solik, an Orlando eminent domain lawyer with more than two decades of experience in this complex legal area. Only a select group of attorneys or firms in Central Florida can claim high-level experience on both sides of complex eminent domain cases. I am proud to stand among that group.

Turn To A Proven, Well-Rounded Central Florida Condemnation Lawyer

My reputation for superior service and formidable representation with integrity have brought me many referrals and prominent clients in matters of eminent domain, including three Florida airport authorities and several local government bodies. I am versed in all aspects of the rights, procedures and paths to resolution that may pertain to your case and thus well-prepared to address:

  • Matters of land valuation and appraisal, including business and severance damages, essential to determining just compensation
  • Challenges of the quick-take and condemnation powers exercised by government entities
  • Resolution of disputes through adept negotiation, mediation or litigation based on the strength of my clients’ position, time and cost considerations and other critical factors

As a respected real estate litigator, I have ready access to other professionals your case may demand such as surveyors, engineers, appraisers and environmental experts. If you are seeking large-firm strength in representation from an attorney who emphasizes personal attention and offers affordable rates, I invite you to contact me at Doty Solik Law, P.A.